Flu Clinics

How can you protect yourself and the ones you love this flu season? Get vaccinated against the flu. Vaccinations also protect businesses, private and public schools and day care centers against decreases of productivity. Many people have the intention or desire to get a flu shot, but don’t do so because they are too busy and the vaccinations are inconvenient. Through Visiting Nurse & Hospice of Litchfield County’s flu clinic program, access is easily available for anyone in the community to be immunized.

The flu clinic program offers a variety of choices:

  • Public flu clinics are scheduled at our office and various convenient public locations within the towns we serve;
  • Clinics can be scheduled in businesses, schools, dorms, daycares and other group settings;
  • Visiting Nurse & Hospice of Litchfield County nurses have pediatric experience and immunize children 5 years and older;
  • Visiting Nurse & Hospice of Litchfield County can bill participating insurance or Medicare for the convenience of patients.

With our scheduled on-site flu clinics, we will work with your organization to schedule a time and process with minimal disruptions to your day. There is no additional cost to perform a flu clinic at your business.

Through the increased availability provided by Visiting Nurse & Hospice of Litchfield County’s flu clinics more people are able to be immunized at greater convenience, improving the health of the community at large.